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What are the interiors at European Tower | Bellevue?

Residents of European Tower will have an opportunity to design their interior living space. Being fully customized, each floor is like a blank canvas where the owners are entitled to paint the home of their dreams. Left only to your imagination, your residence will be just the way you envisioned. And for those searching for ideas, our development team offers the two options of preferred packages to consider.

Doll House Floor plan N

The recommended floor plan layout consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, powder room, den, kitchen, dining room and living room. The following options are comprised of the highest finishes in the luxury living, hand-picked by renowned designers.

EuroUrban Lifestyle

  • Sharp, crisp lines engage every turn.
  • Glass, metal and steel fill every space.
  • Cutting edge design for the most discriminating sophisticate.



Northwest Luxury Lifestyle

  • Enveloped in a lush, warm palate.
  • Generously dressed with stones and woods.
  • Refined living in a serene space for those that demand luxury.


While each residence within European Tower is as unique as their owners, the following list of features will be available in each home:

  • One Home. One floor. Each home in European Tower will occupy the entire floor (over 2,500 gross square feet) of the building. The elevator is your front door.
  • 360 degree views. Every home above the fourth floor will feature panoramic views.
  • Eleven foot ceilings. Every home in European Tower will have over-height ceilings. This volume also allows residents maximize their storage by utilizing vertical spaces.
  • Two oversize decks. Two large sun decks nearly 100 square feet each are accessible from the living room and the den.
  • Fully automated valet system. Each car is handled by a fully automated system, which stores cars securely underground and then retrieves them quickly for their patrons. Cars are not subject to damage and dings while drivers are not subject to walks in dark underground facilities.